The board of Alimentary Health combines depth of scientific oversight with commercial and venture experience:

Maurice Wolridge (Chairman)


Maurice spent his entire career in the healthcare industry. Maurice retired as Vice President Manufacturing Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group after thirty seven years service and then took a position as Managing Director Global Healthcare Partners, DLJ Merchant Banking Group, specialising in private equity investments in healthcare businesses worldwide.  Other executive positions followed as Chief Executive Officer of Next Pharma Technologies and FAMAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marinopoulos Group.  Maurice graduated from Birmingham University and University College London and serves as a Director of Pharmanova and the Ireland US Council. 



Charles Daly


Professor Charles Daly is Emeritus Professor of Food Science and Technology at University College, Cork. He obtained a  B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Dairying)  from  University College Cork and a Ph.D. in Food Microbiology from Oregon State University, USA. His main research interests are in food fermentations and food safety. He has an active record of participation in national and EU Framework Research Programmes and has served as coordinator of major transnational EU food biotechnology projects. Professor Daly has received international awards from the American Dairy Science Association; the Danone Foundation; the Dutch Dairy Nutrition Foundation and the International Union of Food Science Associations.


Emmet Browne


Emmet has a proven track record of delivering growth, company expansion and significant value creation within some of the world’s largest Life-Science companies. With more than 25 years of international experience in the pharmaceutical , healthcare and nutritionals industries, Emmet has held many positions including Regional President, Pfizer Nutritionals with operational control across Europe, Pacific Rim, Turkey & Emerging Markets , Managing Director for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Ireland and President of Transition and Integration for Nestle. Emmet is the former Chairman of the Blanchardstown Institute of Technology and was Vice President of the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association. He is currently CEO of Nuritas.


Barry Kiely, PhD (Chief Executive Officer)


Barry Kiely is one of the founders of Alimentary Health (AH). Barry has been CEO since the company was first formed in 1999. With close links to University College Cork, he was General Manager of BioResearch Ireland's National Food Biotechnology Centre from 1995 and responsible for campus company development.  Prior to his return to Cork, he was R&D Manager of International Biochemicals, part of Royal Dutch Shell. Barry completed his degree and Ph.D at University College Cork in the field of microbiology.



Brian Barrett AITI, FCA (Chief Financial & Business Operations Officer)


Brian joined the Alimentary Health team as Chief Financial Officer in 2005. He was subsequently appointed Company Secretary and a Director of the Board. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Brian trained with Ernst & Young moving from practice to industry in 1992. He spent two years with Lakeland Dairies followed by nine years in the technology sector with U.S. multinationals Modus Media and AT&T, all in senior finance roles, during which time he qualified as an associate of the Irish Taxation Institute. Immediately prior to joining Alimentary Health, Brian spent two years in CFO/corporate finance roles in the mineral exploration sector.



Harry A. Cockrell


Managing director of Pacific Tiger Group, a Hong Kong-based privately held investment group with a wide range of businesses and assets across the Asia/Pacific region since 1978. Director of Pathfinder Investment Holdings Corporation, a Philippines real estate management group. Former director of Hanesbrands, Inc., and former investment committee member of Asian Infrastructure Fund. Prior to that, director of corporate banking for the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia and banking advisor for Middle Eastern and Asian interests. Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies from Seton Hall University and an M.B.A. from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, where he served as a trustee. Member of the Board of Sonoco Products Company since 2013 where he serves as a member of the Financial Policy Committee and the Compensation Committee of the Board.




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